Application Development

Frontend Developers

Hyderabad, Telangana
Work Type: Full Time


  • Detailed experience with design, develop and the ability to troubleshoot and analyse modern Web Applications 

  • Writing high quality maintainable code for web applications and unit tests with complete code coverage 

  • Design and develop modern web applications using Progressive Web Apps technologies like Service Workers, Responsive, Push Notifications etc.  

  • Develop overall concepts for improving the user experience ensuring all interactions are intuitive and convenient for customers 

  • Use coding to develop the aesthetics implemented within product, from the layouts, menus, and drop-down options to colours and fonts 

  • Collaborate with back-end web developers and programmers to integrate your web application and to deliver smooth web/browser driven applications 

  • Collaborate with systems engineers to understand the purpose and requirements for the web application so as to ensure maximum efficiency and minimise rework 

  • Advanced problem-solving skills and the ability to optimize code for the best possible outcome 

  • Ability to work effectively in a collaborative environment to create top-performing interfaces 

What we need in you? 

  • 3 to 5 years of demonstrated experience in creating and implementing UI development 

  • Experience with multiple UI frameworks like Angular , React or Vue JS 

  • Experience with Angular, Responsive web pages, Offline Support with Progressive Web Apps, Service Workers 

  • Experience with Node JS, JavaScript, Typescript, and JavaScript frameworks 

  • UI Unit testing and Automated testing with Protractor, Jasmine etc. 

  • Single Page Applications, High Quality Stable Error Free Web Apps 

  • Working knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, WebSocket, PWAs, REST APIs including modern web development paradigms. 

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